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See our upgraded Brunch menu

From 13 January 2020 you can try our new breakfast & brunch menu at Brunch Bistro Budapest. We have added some really exciting new dishes that will make you want to eat breakfast all day long.

Avocado Toast

For this really delicious and healthy new dish we had to first find the best bread in town. And so we did. We have found a small artisan bakery on the Buda side who bake incredible products using a 57 year old sourdough that has been in the family since the beginning. It takes them 2 days to prepare the bread after we have ordered it and we make sure that we have fresh bread every day for our avocado toast. As the name suggests, we use avocado for this dish. We prepare a fresh and tasty guacamole and also add slices of avocado on top. We garnish it with rocket and 2 poached eggs cooked to perfection with a runny middle. Served with a side salad, this is the perfect way to start your day.

New sandwiches & bagels

We have also added new sandwiches and bagels to our selection. These are great for both breakfast and lunch. We use a panini with herbs as the base of our toasted sandwiches which we bake fresh in our restaurant every morning. In this we offer the prosciutto & parmesan sandwich as well as the sundried-tomatoes & mozzarella sandwich.

The bagels are also freshly delivered to us every morning. We have some delicious options for you:

  • Tuna melt, mozzarella & rocket

  • Hungarian Salami & smoked cheese

  • Egg salad, rocket & spring onions

  • Our house special bagel: avocado cream, avocado & smoked salmon


You can now also order pancakes with Nutella or maple syrup or strawberry or blueberry sauce. Each dish comes with fresh seasonal fruits.


Try our delicious hot and cold drinks as well as Hungarian wine and local beer and cocktails. Every day between 5.00 and 8.00 p.m. we have happy hours for the cocktails.

We will soon change our dinner menu too, so stay tuned :)

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