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Hungarian Cuisine - Hungarian Restaurant

If you hear about Hungarian food or Hungarian cuisine, the first thing that comes to your mind is Goulash. But is this the only dish that Hungarians eat? The below article highlights only a few traditional Hungarian dishes and recommends a Hungarian restaurant where you can try some of these beautiful food.

Goulash or Gulyás as we correctly spell it in Hungarian, is in fact a soup and not a stew. It is prepared with beef, which is cooked until tender with vegetables, potatoes and of course paprika, which is the base for many Hungarian dishes. You can buy ground paprika in the shops and there is a mild and spicy variety, so make sure you look on the label. Kalocsa is the famous region in Hungary where the paprika comes from.

Of course we have many other delicious courses to offer, when it comes to Hungarian cooking. In fact, if you would like to taste the best know dishes, we recommend that you visit Brunch Bistro Budapest and order their signature Hungarian tasting menu.

You will have the chance to tase 6 different Hungarian dishes, stating with the famous Gulyás soup. This is followed by a foie gras paté as a beautiful starter. You will be presented with 3 main courses:

1) Layered potatoes (rakott krumpli) which is a traditional Hungarian dish consisting of potatoes, Hungarian sausage, eggs and sour cream all layered on top of each other and then baked in the oven.

2) Staffed cabbage rolls (töltött káposzta). This is a very tasty dish where cabbage leaves are stuffed with rice and minced meat and slowly cooked with sour cabbage and served with sour cream.

3) Chicken paprika (paprikás csirke). This is my childhood favourite served with egg dumplings (tojásos galuska) and cucumber salad. First you cook onions, tomatoes and peppers and later add the chicken and the ground paprika. You cook until the meat is tender, then you blend the vegetables with cream. The dumplings are freshly prepared and the dish is really to die for.

To finish off this delicious tasting menu, you will be served a dessert called Somlói galuska which is a Hungarian trifle. It is light and creamy and with a chocolate sauce.

Hungary has a lot of great wine to offer. You can order a wine tasting with the tasting menu, so go for that to get the full experience. We will have a separate article on Hungarian wine in a short while.

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