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Eggs Royale - a classic for brunch

Brunch is perfect to start your day on holiday or on the weekend. It is a late and relaxed breakfast with delicious food, prepared with fresh ingredients and beautifully plated. Eggs Royale is a classic brunch dish. It is not too easy to cook at home, so best to enjoy it at a restaurant near you. When you visit Budapest, we recommend Brunch Bistro Budapest, close to St. Stephen's Basilica, where they prepare a yummy Eggs Royale (but also Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine) and you can enjoy these popular dishes while relaxing on the outside terrace of the restaurant.

Eggs Royale is poached eggs served on English muffin with sauce Hollandaise and smoked salmon. Watch this short video on how this is created at Brunch Bistro Budapest.

Eggs Benedict is very similar to Eggs Royale, only it is served with bacon, instead of smoked salmon. Eggs Florentine is another version of this tasty brunch dish, only with spinach.

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